Safe and secure patient portal for your practice

Simplified Patient Portal Software

Empower your patients with the advanced portal features including secure messaging, appointment schedules, lab reports, family access, record consultations, e-prescribing, and healthcare blog to take charge of their care. Vozo patient portal can be easily integrated with your EHR system that improves your practice workflow and boosts your productivity.


Improves Patient Engagement

  • Vozo patient portal helps you to achieve quality healthcare with a better patient experience by providing complete access to patient health records, medical summaries, appointment reminders & schedules, pay bills and reach out to your staff for healthcare queries.
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Simplify Administrative Tasks

  • Vozo Patient portal simplifies your administrative tasks such as booking follow-up appointments, answering phone calls, scheduling appointments.
  • Vozo software offers easy access to medical records such as lab results, insurance documents, and admittance forms, and creates a better patient-physician relationship leading to greater patient compliance.
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Reduce Your Practice Workload

  • With Vozo patient portal software, you can able to offer excellent patient experience while also deliver better health care delivery.
  • Vozo offers the option to view the appointment schedule for the whole practice or for specific health providers in a calendar which automatically reduces your practice workload.
  • Our integrated user-friendly tool gives you complete access to patient health data and powerful analytics.
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Easy Appointment Scheduling

  • Allow your patients to schedule their appointments easily with Vozo patient portal software.
  • Our easy-to-use patient portal allows you to schedule appointments, automate appointment reminders to reduce no-shows, keep track of patients visit, notify physicians about the appointments, and make the portal completely connected with your healthcare practice.
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Reduce In-Person Visits

  • Vozo patient portal provides better fast access to patient health information anytime and anywhere.
  • The advanced secure messaging, prescription renewal, online payment features help your patients to connect with you 24/7, reducing unnecessary in-person visits.
  • Implementing the Vozo patient portal for your practice can increase efficiency and productivity by making communication between you and your patients easier.
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MACRA/MIPS Quality Measures

  • Exchanging health information from your patient portal will help you meet MIPS quality measures requirements.
  • The VOZO patient portal provides secure messaging system so patients can able to connect with your practice anytime and anywhere.
  • Providing complete access to the patient health information, access and view lab results, online appointment scheduling, and patient payment solutions will automatically improve your patient satisfaction.
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Vozo patient portal – A comprehensive tool for engaging patients.